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This page is designed to help you with some of the questions we hear frequently.  You may find some answers that you may be looking for under the Terms and Conditions section of your contract, and of course, you are welcome to call the Food Coordinator at any time to review any questions you may have as well!

What is a Banquet Event Order (BEO)?

The BEO is the document that will be created once we start filling in some of the details such as invited guest counts, style of food (buffet or plated), etc.  This BEO you will find attached on the bottom of every message sent through our software, under the Coordinators signature.  This BEO will continue to updates and change as your counts, details, timeline and selections are made, up to 12 days before your event date.

What is the Terms and Conditions section under the Contract that I am asked to sign?

The Terms and Conditions is a resource to you that covers much of what is reviewed in the first tasting.  The Terms and Conditions list what we include in our catering, a description of the style of service you have selected, special plate (dietary restrictions), Staffing, Bar details (if a bar is applicable), taxes and fees, Gratuity and more.  This section must be signed as read.

Why are colors not recommended to identify plates on table cards?

Different Venues and locations have different lighting.  While colored cards, dots, and ribbons are a fun way to identify if your guests are having the chicken or the beef, from a serving standpoint, if the colors are hard to identify it can greatly slow down your service.  You want to be certain that your table cards (recommended above the plate for less change of movement and easy for the serving team to see) are coded in a way that allows our staff to identify the plate quickly and efficiently.  See our full description on table tents and suggestions on the Terms and Conditions section of your contract.

What size are your plates so I can plan for chargers?

Our plates are 10 1/4.  


When sending our RSVPs - what should I ask about dietary restrictions?

If offering a Buffet Style Menu, it is common to not list the menu as all guests will be eating the same.  If any dietary restrictions are placed on the invite, it is suggested to just have a Vegetarian option for guests to check.  
When offering a Plated Style Menu, when you send our your invites you will have your entrees listed for your guests to choose from.  This is typically two protein options, and a vegetarian option.  If one of your selections is all Gluten Free (salad, Entree, and Sides) our Food Director will let you know and it is suggested to put a GF after that selection on your invites to guests with Gluten allergies know that this plate will be one they can select.


It is recommended to NOT ask on your invites if there are any dietary needs as this typically leads to a lot of information that does not apply and can be stressful to keep track of.  Our rule of thumb is that if a guests does have a serious allergy or restriction, they would let you know when they RSVP as they are aware what they can and cannot eat.  These allergies can then be brought to the Food Director's attention to discuss options.  
Seafood and Nut allergies will be identified on the Banquet Event Order to notify our Team to use precautions.  While we are a commercial kitchen and cannot make guarantees of no cross-contamination, we do take every precaution.   

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