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Our Team

 From capturing the important details to preparing your food, planning your bar, and making it happen - we got you.  

3 Cheers Hospitality is run by an experienced and dedicated team who always have your best interests in mind. Our team is made up of detail-oriented professionals who strive to provide our clients with the best possible experience.

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Sheila DeChantal

Event Specialist/ Catering Director

Sheila has been a part of the 3 Cheers Family since 2016.  She enjoys capturing the  details that are important to you.  She has over 20 years of event experience including the development of many custom events for local non profits.  She thrives when she is creating!

Looking for a Day Of Wedding Coordinator?  Sheila can do this too!

Find more information at Details

Shalee Britton
Shalee Britton

Event Executor

Shalee has been a part of the 3 Cheers Family since 2012.  She has held just about every position the company through the years, and thrives in her current roll as Executer of Events.  Her strengths are in planning the scheduling, developing the teams, and making sure every detail has been reviewed and accounted for.  Shalee is truly a jack of all trades.

Nick Miller
Nick Miller


Nick has played a major role in the creating of 3 Cheers for the past 18 years with hands on involvement in the current restaurants (as well as the restaurants owned previously):  Baia Della in Baxter MN, and Iron Range Eatery in Crosby MN.  

Oh The Places We go!

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