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The First Tasting

With your booking of our Catering, we include two complimentary tastings for events of over 100 guests.  
The first tasting is the Chef's Choice, this is a chance to come into our catering kitchen restaurant, meet our coordinator, review the packages, have questions answered, as well as try some of the often selected dishes for weddings. 


This tasting is set for up to 4 people and will last about an hour.
We offer these tastings based on Chef and Coordinator availability:

Tuesday - Thursday: 11 am - 6 pm

Fridays:  11 am - 5:30 pm
Saturdays between 11 am and 3 pm
As Saturdays are the most popular days for Wedding Tastings, planning ahead and requesting your date ahead of time will help you to secure the date that works best for you.

Things to know for your first tasting:

1) Be respectful of the Coordinator and the Chefs by being on time.  Our Chef will plan your tasting based on the time of your scheduled arrival.  Often, there are several tastings booked on the same day.  By being on time, you are allowing the Coordinator to start and finish on time as well as have time to prepare for the next tasting if one is scheduled.

2) Arriving moderately hungry, but not starving is the best way to experience the food.


3)  Review the packages/catering menus ahead of time to familiarize yourself what is offered and what is included.  This will help you to prepare your questions.  

4) Less is more.  While bringing a group of people to your tasting may seem like a great idea, it is best to keep it minimal.  Having many people at your tasting can be distracting to your purpose for being there, complicating decision making as well as budget.  It is suggested to keep the tasting to the couple and two others who may be involved in decision making and or budgeting.  More than 4 guests at the tastings are $25 per guest

5) Schedule your tasting in advance.  Often Tasting availability can be booked several weeks out.  Plan ahead to put a date on your calendar as well as the Coordinators.

6) Notify the Coordinator in advance of any dietary restrictions so the Chef may have ample notice to prepare the selections to accommodate.

7) Special requests for a tasting (IE. requesting to try a particular dish) may be an upcharge based on the ability to accommodate such request.  Such requests should be made in advance to the Coordinator.  Not all items from the catering menu are available on the restaurant menu.  See section on Private Tastings.

8) Gratuity for the server at your tasting is appreciated and should be considered the same way you would if you went out to eat.


The Second Tasting Event


The Second Tasting Event is for after you have had your First Tasting or if skipping the first tasting, have had a review of the packages and conversation with the Food Coordinator.  This should be scheduled within 6 months of your wedding date. These Tasting Events are set on select dates throughout the year for our booked couples on a Sunday when the restaurant is closed to the public.  The Tasting Event is complimentary for up to 4 people per group, additional guests are $50 per person.  

This Event is for when you are ready to begin to finalize your menu.  At this Tasting Event you will have a chance to experience passed appetizers, beer and wine tasting, dessert tasting and the opportunity to try more Chefs Choice entrees and sides as you begin to plan your menu. 

We will also give away a Free Appetizer for the adult guest count  to one of the couples attending per a random drawing.


11:30 am:  Doors Open for a social time of tasting both appetizers and beverages

Noon:  Guests are seated 

12:10 pm:  Tables are released to start tasting

12:45 pm:  Late Night Package Giveaway winner is announced
1:00 pm Wrap Up 

Registration is suggested to sign up early as Event Dates can fill.  Please do not register for a tasting event prior to 6 months before your wedding date to allow space for those in that time frame to register.  This Tasting Event is set to be a variety of dishes to accommodate a large group.  If you have specific dietary restrictions beyond GF or Vegetarian, a Private tasting may be a better fit for you so we can customize dishes that fit your specific needs.  Talk to the Event Coordinator to see what would be the best option for you.  
Adults only please.  C
lick on the date that you wish to attend and it will take you to registration:

April 28, 2024 

June 2, 2024 

July 28, 2024

October 27, 2024

December 1st, 2024

January 26th, 2025

March 23rd, 2025

April 27th, 2025

Private Tasting

A Private Tasting is a Tasting with  specific requests/selections/ Dietary restrictions that you wish to try and have selected ahead of time.  These tastings start at $300 and are set for up to 4 people.
Not all items are available for a private tasting.

Details and scheduling can be discussed with the Food and Beverage Coordinator.


Commonly Asked Questions...

Are both tastings necessary?
Sometimes it is hard to get to two tastings due to your location, work schedule, etc... Both tastings hold value.  The first tasting is a chance to have one on one time with the coordinator.  This is your chance to share your vision for your special day, ask questions, and hear in detail how the packages work, options, and creating your starting Banquet Event Order.

The Second Tasting Event while the Coordinator is present, and available to answer a quick question, with the volume of couples attending, this event is more like speed dating. A time can be set up be set up by phone or ZOOM at a date after the Tasting Event for updating your event order and talking through any questions you may have.

Both tastings play an important part of your planning.

Can we skip the first tasting?
If choosing to skip the first tasting, a time would be scheduled to talk on the phone or via ZOOM to review the things that we would have discussed at the first tasting.  Having a change to ask your questions and hear about how the packages work is important as well  s sharing your visions for your day so we have an idea of what you are looking for.  We highly recommend that you do not attend a second tasting event without first having either the initial tasting, or a review of the packages and your questions by phone or ZOOM.

Can we skip the Second Tasting Event?

The Second Tasting Event is an optional event.  This event is put together to give you the opportunity to taste more selections to assist you in planning your menu.  Often a dish you try at the Second Tasting Event is one you would not have thought of as a selection, and after trying it you decide to add it to your menu. While we encourage you to do both tastings, if you are fine with deciding your menu after one tasting, you do not have to sign up for the Second Tasting Event.

What if I have dietary restrictions, or my guests do?

If you personally have dietary restrictions, please let us know of these when scheduling your tastings so we can be aware of this ahead of time and plan with the Chef accordingly. If you will have dietary needs within your invited guests, we will discuss this in the first tasting.  Please note at the Second Tasting Event if you have Dietary needs that go beyond GF or DF the Chef may have a few dishes that can fit your restrictions, however as this is a group tasting event we are unable to make last accommodations.  Talk with the Event Coordinator about options and consideration  before scheduling a tasting event and we can look at planning a Private Tasting.

Can I make specific Requests of what I want to try at the Second tasting Event?

The Second Tasting Event is a group tasting and our Chef will make a variety of dishes for everyone to try.  Special requests may be considered, however not guaranteed as we would not be able to make every item that someone wishes to try.  While we will be able to accommodate most dietary requests for your wedding, if specific dietary restrictions are required for the tasting event that will result in additional plates being made specifically for one or two individuals, a private tasting may be a better fit where we would be able to offer more customization.

Is the whole menu available to try at the Second tasting Event?

The Second Tasting Event is a group tasting and our Chef will make a variety of dishes for everyone to try. This tasting will have a nice variety of our most often selected dishes and will not be the whole menu.  When looking for specific items for your Second Tasting, please refer to the Private Tasting option that can be discussed with the Event Coordinator.

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